Our Story

We have both loved being a part of weddings for as long as we can remember. Since our college years, friends and family have constantly sought us out to help them design, plan, and execute their events. When it was time to get married ourselves we had tons of ideas and truly enjoyed making them come to life. We worked hard to design our perfect day, but when the day arrived, we couldn’t carry the whole day over the finish line ourselves. We needed the help of a best friend, sister, aunt, etc. because we needed to get our hair done or spend time getting photos taken. We often felt a bit guilty asking that of our loved ones. They were the people we wanted near us and celebrating with us. We knew we couldn’t be the only ones in need of someone to come in and fill that “best friend” role so our family member or friend could just enjoy the day like we were. So that is why we started Bull City Blossom Events, to fill a vital role in personal events where we provide you with guilt-free access to down to earth problem solvers and enjoy moving the wheels of your events so you and your loved ones can make the most of the day.

So many people dream of their wedding, have a specific vision for it and want to have a heavy hands-on approach in planning and designing their day. However, as the wedding day approaches, they realize it’s just impossible to be in 30 places at once- decorating tables, hanging flowers, setting up the ceremony, directing the rehearsal, etc. We will take on this load so you can sit back and share quality time with others around you and truly enjoy your wedding day without any stress.

We met when our spouses worked together over 11 years ago?!!?! We instantly became amazing friends. Mary even entrusted Kim to design and make her wedding dress. Our friendship has blossomed over the years as we moved to North Carolina and raised kids together. We now share a passion for working creatively and collaboratively together to create flawless events.

Kim Oliver

Kim has 12 years experience in event planning and made her start directing athletic races in Virginia. When she is not at weddings, she is directing running, cycling, triathlons, and other sporting events ranging in participants from 50 people to 600 people. 

Kim’s love language is Acts of Service which is openly evident in all of her endeavors, from training Guiding Eye puppies to volunteering at her community school or just knitting her family and friends special blankets. She absolutely loves helping others and making a vision come to life. Kim holds so many hidden talents that make her a powerhouse in event management. She knows how to run sound equipment from her days working as a general manager at a radio station, to mending clothes from her degree in costume design and even constructing wooden structures from homesteading with her twin boys. Kim maintains a very logical outlook and is able to help our clients manage their budgets while debating rental numbers and seating charts.

Photo By The Chase Collective

Mary Smith

Mary worked at a florist shop through high school and always held onto the joy and peace flowers brought her and those around her. While studying to receive her Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering Management, she needed a break from all the math and took courses on the weekends to get her floral design certification. While working professionally in project management for years, she was often requested by friends and family to provide wedding floral design and day-of coordination services. Mary brings the design and creative spark to our events. She thinks outside the box constantly and is able to help clients build their vision in unique ways. When Mary is not playing with flowers or her kids, she loves to drink tea, hike and read a great book!